About Me

hi lovelies,

I'm Rebecca, but you can call me Becca, I'm 21 and live in Surrey, England. I started this blog as in my spare time I used to sing. When I attended gigs/events or even on YouTube videos my followers and fans would ask me "Where is that outfit from?" "What makeup do you wear" "How did you get my hair like that?" I therefore started to respond on Twitter, however I was often answering the same questions so I progressed onto making YouTube videos. With lots of amazing support and further demand for blogposts, beccaofficial launched and I  started to share my Becca ways with the world. 

Now, i'm currently studying a Music Business Degree at the 'Academy of Contemporary Music' however this hasn't put a stop to my fashion and beauty obsession, therefore you've guessed it, I'm complete self confessed shopaholic. I also love working with brands, big or small and getting to know them so I can create something special for you all to enjoy.

So that pretty much sums me up!

I hope you enjoy my blog and use my style and beauty tips for your own inspiration. 

Much love,

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