Monday, 15 August 2016


Happy Monday beauts! I thought I'd kick the week off with some photos from my second graduation. Second grad... say what?! I actually had one a year ago, however as my course at ACM was affiliated by Middlesex, the official ceremony was a few weeks back meaning I got to dress up on the cap and gown all over again (the excitement) haha! 

A year on from actually finishing my degree I couldn't of been in a better place! University for me was a different experience as I lived at home and commuted to Guildford a few times a week for lectures, meaning I guess I missed out on that typical "uni lifestyle". 

On reflection I wouldn't change it for the world, it meant that I could grow my blog and find my feet in the industry meaning I've got to the place where I am now just that bit quicker. I often get asked the question, is getting a degree worth it? I honestly think yes! I met some fabulous people, networked, engaged in inspiring lectures and got my foot in the door industry wise. I may not be in the music industry currently, however I found my niche in marketing which is what I'm doing today in beauty. I love the fact I found out what made me tick at university and combined it with my blogging to find a job I love!

So there you have it, something a little different to my usual posts, however something I hope you guys have enjoyed! Of course we can't get away with not talking about the outfit, which is all from my faves at Missguided - minus the cap and gown of course!

Have a fabulous week!
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