Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Dinner at Las Iguanas - Woking Shopping


Writing about amazing food after you've eaten it has to be the most annoying things ever haha! This week I'm back and talking tapas at Las Iguanas in Woking, Surrey. So who's been to Las Iguanas before? I for one hadn't, and as you might know I'm all for trying new things - this was certainly one of them. I never usually go for spicy or the tapas option when selecting a dinner location but am I glad I decided to mix it up as I had so much fun. For starters I found the whole meal to be more than just food, it was an experience. When I usually go out for meals its the box standard pick your favourite from the menu and enjoy, however tapas introduced the fun factor back into dinner for me. It was so nice interacting, choosing new things off the menu, talking about the food and laughing when if it was too spicy.

Can I just say how underrated cocktails at Las Iguanas are?! I ordered the Pink Passionfruit cocktail and oh my it has to be by far one of the best I've tasted - meaning I would totally head there just for a casual few drinks and some nachos with the girls. After gushing about how amazing the drinks menu was we were excited to head onto food. 

We choose tapas, however Las Iguanas also offer burgers and other bits if you're not a big fan of finger food. We selected 5 dishes from the menu and of course added my absolute favourite side... sweet potato fries which went down a treat by the way! The food arrived super quickly by our friendly waitress and my was there lots of it, we found ourselves even having to reorganise the table haha! We then commenced mission tapas, which takes formal dinners completely out of the window. My favourite dish was the chicken peppers and cheese wraps they were absolutely delicious! After we'd enjoyed an amazing tapas selection I couldn't leave without eying up the dessert menu as I have a big sweet tooth. As soon as I saw the menu I instantly knew what I was going to have... churros! They arrived and presented in style with a pink candy striped bag and dipping sauces. I have to say they didn't disappoint and rounded off the meal perfectly! 

My favourite thing to make for dinner is reservations...

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