Saturday, 15 August 2015

Becca Official's 1st Birthday!

Plunge Zip Back Midi Dress Pink  Missguided - £30
Lace Up Heels  - Missguided - £35
Hair Extensions: Tantrum Hair - Micro Rings 

Its ma birthdayyyyy 

A year ago today, launched and now looking back on the amazing experiences I've had through blogging, I can officially say that my blog has changed my life! I could only of dreamed of working with some of the most amazing brands who now have made so much of my content possible. I've been to some of the most breathtaking events and even met some of my best friends through something a year ago was just a little hobby of mine. After finishing university 2 weeks ago, I've turned my spare bedroom into an office where all things Becca will be happening from now on as I am fully ready to commence blogging full time and can happily say that this is now my career and wow, what an amazing feeling that is. Of course I couldn't have got where I am now without the support of you, yes you reading this post, you have truly been the best thing that could of happened to me! I'm excited to grow throughout the next year without any distractions and I am determined and motivated to push my blog and life further than I have ever done before! Thank you so much, I wish I had enough cosmos and cupcakes to go round all of you to celebrate haha! 

Of course no birthday is fit without the perfect outfit, right? As you all know I love midi dresses and got my hands on this hot pink one from Missguided and honestly it fits like a dream. I absolutely love the colour and thought it would fit in very well as this dress pretty much sums up what is all about! This dress is also so great as it comes with a secret bra so it means you don't have to worry about getting a strapless one out! These lace ups are also my very first pair! These Missguided beauties help to add a sophisticated yet daring touch the outfit and are the perfect comfy pair of birthday heels. I absolutely love Missguided for occasion outfits I find that they literally have everything from day to night and are my go to online retailer when it comes to picking something for a night out. 

Thank you so much for an amazing year, I can't wait to see whats in store for the next! P.S. I hope it doesn't rain as much around this time of year I ended up shooting this post in the rain and thats dedication right there haha!

All my love,

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