Monday, 13 July 2015

My Protein Gym Wear

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Hello Beauts 

Something a little different for you today! Seen as its summer and everybody seems to be hitting the gym in awe of that perfect bikini body, I thought I'd show you some of my gym wear fashion. Plus if you're loving what you're hearing/ seeing head on over to My Protein for an exclusive 15% off all women's gym wear, just click on my link above.

Although working out can be seen as a chore, I get over my gym blues by motivating myself with gym wear and I can't be the only one doing this, can I haha? If I treat myself to a new gym top or leggings now and again it really gives me that motivation to hit the gym and show it off! I also find that I work out better when I know I've got my gym wear on point. Its all of these silly things which actually do work for me, and over the past year my fitness level has peaked meaning and I have a healthier lifestyle than ever before. So I guess that little bit of retail therapy has benefited me so much, right? At the moment my current fave gym combo is the one pictured above, I'm all about slogans on gym wear and this purple 'Fuel Your Ambition' top, really pumps me up ready for a good session! Its also super comfy and goes with literally everything. 

At the moment, I'm currently hooked on My Protein gym wear, they've literally just launched a new range and oh my gosh, you have to check it out its fabulous! How do you beat your gym blues, let me know in the comments! Also, if you're interested check back in a couple of weeks where I'll be letting you in on a few of my healthy secrets.

See you in the next post,

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