Thursday, 2 July 2015

Boomf Marshmallows

Customised Marshmallows  - Boomf - £15 for a box of 9 
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Hello Beauties 

I was so excited when these arrived in my bloggermail last week, so I thought I'd share the awesome create your own marshmallows idea from the amazing Boomf. The lovely people behind Boomf went on my Instagram and picked out 9 images and then send them across to me so it was a complete surprise when I opened them! If you know me, I absolutely love love love surprises so I was over the moon.

Boomf is such a unique and easy way to make somebody's day! I was super impressed with how well my Instagram photos actually came out on the marshmallows and as for the most important part taste, they are aaaa-mazing! You can choose any photo to upload, Boomf recommend images with light backgrounds as they tend to work best, another tip is to use photos with a maximum of two people as they also tend to print better onto the marshmallow. You can also also make an image into a jigsaw across the nine images with Boomf's editor and add images with text to create a special message for that certain someone. The best part is that you can also choose images from Boomf's own range where they have lots of different categories based on themes. 

The lovely people at Boomf were so generous they are offering you lovely lot 15% off an order making a box of nine just £12.75 with the promo code at the top of the this post.

See you all in the next post,

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