Friday, 22 May 2015

Prolong Your Colour with Redken - Rush Shop

Redken Colour Extend Treatment Set - Rush Shop - £12.99
Redken Rich Recovery Mask: Rush Shop  - £16.55

Hello Beauts 

I've spoilt you lovely lot with blogposts this week haven't I haha! Well this is just a quick post to share with you some awesome products I have been using on my hair. As some of you may have known from my Instagram or Twitter I recently switched up my hair game and have added a bit of blonde added through my ends creating a balayage effect just in time for the Summer. This also mean't changing up my root colour for something a little lighter so it gives it that perfect blend. However with my hair change it has mean't that I have had to use a couple of new products to ensure that my colour lasts for as long as possible. Today I'm going to be talking about these lovely Redken products (which is a hair care brand I'm obsessed with) from Rush Shop, so I hope you all enjoy my newly found gems!

First up lets start with the Redken trio, which consists of two travel size like shampoo's and a conditioner. This set is perfect for just after you have your hair coloured as it contains just the right amount of product to make your colour last longer. I love the dinky size bottles and the formula which lathers just the right amount. After two shampoos I then go in with the conditioner, which I only have to use a small amount to get my ends super silky. As I have micro ring hair extensions I'm always after great hair care that will nourish and moisture my ends without them getting too greasy too quickly. So I have been following up my routine with the Redken Rich Recovery Mask after quickly towel drying my hair once a week and leaving it on for a good 5 minutes before washing off. This hair mask has made all of the difference making my hair feel so much fuller and vibrant. I would super duper recommend this to anyone who wants to prolong the life of their colour as its just fabulous!

I can't stress enough that investing in good hair care will make all the difference to your locks, so head over to the Rush Shop and enjoy!

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