Thursday, 15 January 2015

Tofka Toffee Vodka

Hello lovelies 

Today, i'm sharing something that is literally my new addiction and I'm sorry in advance for making your taste buds water! Say hello to 'Tofka', a brand new toffee vodka, that is literally shaking up a storm and to top it off it is the most amazing thing I have ever tried. I am so grateful for the lovely team at 'Babco UK' for sending this beauty out to me, to show you guys!

Tofka is an eclectic fusion of smooth tasting vodka infused with the mellow tones of toffee offering a premium blend of exquisite tastes coupled with a truly theatrical drinking experience. Tofka can be served in a variety of different ways from, a shot, under shards of grated ice or over ice as a long serve or mixed into coffee or ice cream. Tofka can slip effortlessly into any social occasion and is a truly all-year-round indulgence.

In London, 'Winter Wonderland' pops up each year in Hyde Park. Incase you were wondering, it is a spectacular festive destination with popular attractions, thrilling rides, Christmas markets and bars. This is where I discovered Tofka. After seeing a sign for Toffee Vodka and the gorgeous sparkling bottle on display, myself and a group of friends couldn't resist... we actually ended up walking around the whole of Winter Wonderland again trying to track down the bar that served Tofka, so we could go back for several more shots haha! We couldn't get over what we were experiencing. This has truly taken the place of my favourite alcoholic beverage, it is literally like salted cameral in your mouth with a purely amazing after taste which is so rare to find in vodka. Each bottle is 70cl bottle and is 29.9%. 

Tofka is currently selling to bars and restaurants in the trade at the moment along with World Duty free outlets soon to come and would encourage anyone to contact 'Tofka' if they want to list it. For all of us people who can't wait to get more of 'Tofka' they are currently speaking with Amazon in order to list the product and hopefully it will be online very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for the link as soon as its posted!

Tofka.  Pure theatre in a bottle. Go shake up a storm.
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