Friday, 24 October 2014

Holy Grail Hair - The NEW GHD Curve - Shop Rush

GHD Curve - Shop Rush - £110

 Hello Beauts   

A couple of weeks ago I received a pre release of something so super special I honestly couldn't keep it all to myself. So today thanks to the lovely team at Rush Shop I'm excited to be sharing it with you, are you ready? Say hello to 'Good Hair Days' again for us girls who love our waves and curls, because hair favourites GHD are bringing out a series of long awaited shiny new wands and tongs, perfect for the upcoming party season, releasing in November. Did your mouth just drop? Because mine certainly did, let alone when the 'GHD Curve' arrived in my Blogger Mail. Before I even get into reviewing the 'Curve' I apologise in advance to all of your bank balances, as gosh will you guys want to get your hands on it haha! 

As I opened the gorgeous packaging, I found a beautiful silky black, rose gold detailed heat resistant roll bag which opens into a mat, this means your GHD can travel in style with you. I love rose gold so this made me extremely happy! Rush Shop kindly sent me one of four new wands, the 'Curve' which features tri-zone technology for healthier looking curls that stay locked in all day and night. The wand is oval shaped and designed to create deep waves and glamorous moment on longer hair, which is perfect for me! 

I wear Tantrum Micro Ring Hair Extensions and its important for me not to damage them using heat, however as the 'GHD Curve' uses tri-zone technology which guarantees the right curling temperature, I find that I only need to use the wand after I've washed my hair as the waves stay in place. Therefore meaning i'm not using as much heat on my hair as I usually would, respecting the health of my hair.

When turning the iron on, a circle around power button will flash and a magic wand noise will sound, which I absolutely love. It makes me feel slightly more glam in the mornings! It heats up in no time at all, another wand like sound will happen and the light will now glow meaning its ready to use. I then take a section of my hair and wrap it around the 'Curve' facing outwards, pointing the wand downwards with my heat protective glove. I keep the hair wrapped around the iron for no more than 4 seconds and then let the curl cool in my hand before letting it bounce down, this helps staying power. Instead of using hairspray I prep my hair with the 'GHD Curl Hold Spray' which adds extra shine and hold. Also if you're in a rush and you forget to turn off your GHD, don't panic and there is an automatic sleep mode after 30 minutes...phew!

So there you have it, perfect hair thanks to the new GHD Curve, I hope you enjoyed the post and I look forward to seeing what you guys think!

Lots of Love

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