Monday, 13 October 2014

Eyelash Extensions By Lash Magnifique

Eyelash Extensions: Lash Magnifique  - Top Set Classic Mink Natural  - £65

Welcome back lovelys   

This week we're talking about my new obsession and recent find, Eyelash Extensions by the gorgeous Stacey at Lash Magnifique. As some of you may know I attended Bloggers Love Fashion Week a fortnight ago alongside some of my blogging babes where I got chatting to Stacey about her lash extensions. I'd always been cautious about extensions after I had cluster lashes a few years back for prom and came out looking like a crazy version of Katie Price (not a good look haha!) Stacey, on the other hand showed me her work and said that she worked with mink individual lashes which are far more natural and build-able for a more glamorous look. You guys know how much I love trying new things so when Stacey chatted with me about how perfect they'd be for my upcoming holiday and offered to do my lashes, I couldn't resist! 

After booking in with Lash Magnifique, myself and my friend Amy headed down to St John's Wood to get our lash makeover. We arrived with fresh faces where Stacey greeted us and showed us to her gorgeous hot pink lash room. Some of you girls have probably never had eyelash extensions before and therefore don't know what to expect. Well at Lash Magnifique, once Stacey places her cooling pads underneath your eyes and combs your lashes into place, you shut your eyes and become completed relaxed, its amazing! She then starts applying the individual mink lashes which you can't even feel. Stacey told me some of her clients actually fall asleep whilst having a lash makeover as they are so chilled out. After a couple of hours you open your eyes and wow you have such beautiful lashes, I was blown away at the finished result when I looked in the mirror! 

For anyone looking into getting lash extensions, I would highly recommend Stacey at Lash Magnifique as she honestly does the best lashes I've ever seen. She takes each clients eye shape and lifestyle into perspective to give you the perfect look meaning that you'll always be happy and probably become addicted to perfect lashes (like me haha). Having extensions means no more mascara for me, therefore when I was on holiday I could literally wake up and head straight to the pool looking glam in less than no time at all. The lashes last up to 3 weeks before you need a refill, and also try not to use makeup wipes around your eyes as they contain oil and can lift the glue, instead use baby shampoo and cotton buds to remove excess makeup. 

I can't wait for my refill in the coming week as I'm celebrating my 20th Birthday! I hope you guys enjoyed the post!

Much love,

                                                                Check out Stacey's work here;


  1. You obviously need your eyes tested and your taste aswell because Stacey is the worst technician in the industry. Her own lashes look like a 5yr old has glued them on.

  2. A pair of fake eyelashes can open up your eyes and make them look bigger and sexier immediately. Next time finish your look with some beautiful mink lashes 🙌


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