Monday, 12 May 2014

Spring Sundays

I love spring sundays...

This weekend we went out exploring, my boyfriend has a vintage BMW which he has been doing up especially for summer, so we decided we'd just drive somewhere completely new. We ended up at a beautiful place near where we live called 'The Stepping Stones' which basically is what it suggests, a big river and lots of stones. It was so much fun, I did think I was going to fall in at some point, but I managed to stay dry...phew! That afternoon the weather was lush, however Spring in the UK isn't always dry and sunny,  that morning it was tipping it down, hence why I'm dressed for the rain. 

We later ended up at a vine yard also close to home, where Callum decided it would be the perfect scenery for a quick photo shoot which resulted in me bringing out my inner modelling side and jumping on the boot of his car haha, typical me haha.

That day I also tried out a couple of different things makeup wise all listed below. I want more of a fresh dewy look, so I've mixed up my usual look with a surprising lighter foundation, a more orange tone bronzer and pink glossed lips. I think it really suits my skin tone, and especially if the weather stays sunny too.

What have you been up to during your spring weekends?

Becca xx

Fresh Spring Makeup: Mac Creme Cupcake/ Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer


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