Friday, 30 May 2014

Makeup Splurge Reviews

So a few of you may have seen this picture I posted on Instagram a few weeks ago, its Becca_Official if you wanna follow me ;) Any how, I have used all of these products, some I have got on amazingly with and some are just really not worth the hype that surrounds them. Enjoy!

1. MUA Sheer Finish Lipgloss in 'Lets Meet' - £1
So I picked this up as I'm loving nude lips at the moment and wanted a light non expensive gloss to pop over the top. This I found in Super drug and it does the job perfectly! I will say that it is quite oily based and you only need a small amount but for £1 you can't really complain. I always use this when filming because the camera seems to pick it up really nicely. 

2. Soap & Glory Archery Brows - £10
This product I must say has been hyped up so much in the YouTube beauty community, so I thought okay I have to give this a go. My all time favourite brow product which I use pretty much every day is 'Benefit Brow Zings in Dark' which I have literally used for 2 years and its still going strong. However I really didn't get on well with Archery Brows. (which was upsetting) Firstly the pen side of the kit when applied seem to pick up my foundation which made the pen a weird colour so I found myself constantly wiping it. The product didn't apply well, I spent quite a while trying but eventually gave up and tried the other side. I will say the other side was better, however the colour was too light for my eyebrows and therefore it was a no from me for this product.

3. Maybelline The Colossal Go Extreme Volum' Mascara - £6.99
I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I saw a TV advert which featured this Mascara and I knew I had to try it. I also own the Maybelline Go Colossal which I loved and honestly guys I love this even more. I have quite long lashes so I find that adding volume is key for me and this does this trick perfectly over my ELF Mascara Primer. I have to say drug store mascaras are way above their over high end in my opinion. Try it & let me know if you love it too!

4. Revlon Photoready Skinlights Face Illuminator - £11
Recently I have found my skin looking a bit dull, I think I may be because of the weather changing its mind every 5 minutes here in the UK, however I needed something to fix this. I came across this product whilst watching one of Zoella's videos a while back so I tracked back, found it and headed to super drug and I've never looked back, it does exactly what it suggests. I pop it on after my primer and just before my concealer and foundation and it gives me that perfect dewy glow. 

5. MAC Jubilee Lipstick - £15
I rarely ever buy MAC Lipsticks as I'm forever getting through my other MAC products therefore I always use 'Back 2 MAC' which is basically where you give 6 empties back in exchange for a lipstick. So this time around I went for Jubilee which is a darker nude. Tanya Burr used it in a tutorial a while ago and I thought it would compliment my makeup therefore I got it. I really love this product, you can't go wrong with MAC Lipsticks, although I am currently on the hunt for a lighter nude, so If anyones got any suggestions, let me know in the comments.

6. MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter in 'Light Boost' - £18
If you know me or watch my videos, you'll know i'm a complete MAC fan, I literally can't get enough! So when I saw this product I thought this could be perfect in achieving that Kimmy K contoured look which I love so I bought it and gave it a go. I have to say, the Collection Concealer in Light does an even better job than this popped under the eye and above the cheekbone for that contoured look. I found that with this MAC product it didn't have much coverage, the highlight was a bit non existent and the colour wasn't perfect. If you like a light makeup look then this would be perfect however I'm sticking with my trustworthy Collection Concealer, however i'm a bit bummed as I love MAC!

So there you have it, my first makeup review on my blog! I really hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I loved blogging about it. 

See you soon,

Becca xx

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