Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Valentines Day


Hello and welcome back to my blog guys, today I have a post on Valentines Day Gifts, well if i'm being completely honest its essentially what I've bought my boyfriend this year, so I hope I inspire you to go off and buy some sneaky presents, or if you just want to have a cheeky nose at Callum's presents then here we go...

TOPMAN: Dog Print & Roller Fit T-Shirts

So firstly my boyfriend actually told me not, I repeat not to buy any clothing for him this year and to buy something 'useful'. But me being me, couldn't resist going into Topman and having a look to see what they had in store. If you know me then you'll know I'm literally a Topshop addict so I couldn't resist on buying these two tees. One is a Dog Tooth print, which is really on trend at the moment and the other a sort of geometric print which I thought he'd really love. As Topman is a high-street store, the prices aren't too expensive but they do reflect the good quality of the products.

CARD FACTORY: Valentines Day Card

Next up is the cutest card! My boyfriend & I rarely buy each other cards (not sure if thats normal these days or not, but hey) anyway...I saw this card I thought this way too good not to buy. As i'm still living at home whilst I'm at uni, i'm lucky enough to have my boyfriend close by which means he comes round most nights. I had to get a king size duvet for my double bed as we would always steal the cover off one another leaving one of us getting cold in the night (usually me) so I knew he would smile when he opened this. The card factory is a great place to buy cards at super prices and they also have a massive range which helps when finding this right card for you.


I first came across this amazing product as its one of my dads favourites and my mum will buy this on any occasion as she knows how much he wears it. Therefore after Callum bought me the female version of this (which is amazing by the way) I figured that he might like one of these. I bought this at my local department store, it was pricey but Pacco Rabanne is worth it as the scent is long lasting and well just amazing.


You can't go wrong with chocolates and sweets for Valentines Day, I mean what says 'I Love You' more than sugar haha! These I thought were perfect to top up my gift bag and I thought were just a nice personal touch to the gift which I think are really special. You can get these from pretty much any supermarket store and they aren't too costly either.

                                  A SCREWDRIVER: My Useful/Joke Present

So last but not least, here is the 'useful' present I thought would be quite amusing to give Callum, a Screwdriver. I just found this whilst out shopping and thought here we go, perfect, haha!

Anyway, there you have it my Valentines Day gift ideas! I hope you guys enjoyed this and also if you want to watch my YouTube video about the products see below;

See you very soon for another blog post and have a happy valentines day guys, whether you're in a relationship or single make sure you make the day just lovely!

Becca xo. 

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