Thursday, 3 October 2013

Music Artist & Student

So its 4 weeks into my lectures at university and I cannot tell you how inspired I feel about the whole experience. My lecturers, have achieved so many amazing things, that I could only ever dream about doing, but doing this music business degree has helped me realise that if I work hard enough and compete, I will succeed. 

When I first started at the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) one of my lecturers suggested to the class that we make a blog to get our opinions heard, out into the industry. For myself, as an artist this was hard for me to adapt as I want to be known for my singing, not my opinions online.The course was hard to get my head around at first because we're taught from the business side of things not the artist point of view which I am used to, but I guess now that i'm a student, I have to adapt. I stepped into this degree programme because at least if I don't get as far as I hoped, I can have career in the industry that I am so passionate about. The dream is to be successful. Whether it be within a singing career or working for a major record label where I will get the chance to help develop others. 

This is not a post saying that i'm giving up the singing, because i'm not done yet, no way. I haven't made my stamp on the industry the way I want too. In fact, behind the scenes I have been working on original content, have some established brands getting behind me and that is a-mazing as I was just the girl who started out on twitcam singing in her bathroom. 

I've also realised that over the past couple of weeks I am truly blessed to have such a massive amount of online support, literally you guys make or break me. Yesterday, I had a lecture where an A&R guy called Darrin from Distiller Records came in to do a masterclass. For the second half of the class people got to showcase their music and who they are as brand to Darrin. 

One of the most asked questions was...

"Whats your fanbase like?"
"How many followers do you have?"
"What are your stats?"

Many of the peoples replies were "a few hundred" and I was just sitting there thinking... I have 45,000 twitter followers, thousands of facebook likes and hundreds of thousands youtube views. yikes. I am blessed.

I didn't want to showcase my work to Darrin because, I have a good understanding of what labels and A&R people are looking for. I've been developing myself as an artist along with my management for a while to make sure I get this right. So when this next single hits later this year, you'll notice a change in professionalism across all platforms. (Making everything fluid if you like) You'll know what time of artist I am, you'll know my sound and you'll know my style. I'm not changing, I'm still the same old me, still that girl. But this is so exciting, because this will be the start of my VEVO channel and other fabulous things.

I'm still Rebecca Roberts the artist, but i'm also Rebecca Roberts the music industry business student now. So get ready for some opinions on music and lets showcase some talent. I want to hear what you've been loving and hating music wise, lets get our opinion as a team heard.


Becca xo



  1. I'm glad you posted this! I didn't realize there was a degree like this, I'd love to work in the music industry and it seems so amazing to be able to have opportunities like this!!

    Sophie xx

  2. I really hope everything goes the way you want it to, you deserve it! xx


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