Thursday, 15 August 2013

The A Level Experience / University

As many of you know, today is results day. Today is that day where you find out whether the amount of work you actually put in last year was good enough to get you into your first choice university. eeeeek.

So last year I had no clue what I wanted to do, literally being at sixthform and being quizzed was the worst...
"What do you want to do with your life?"
"Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?"
"Are your grades good enough?"

Sixthform in itself wasn't easy for me, I was different. Doing the whole 'singing thing' and being beccalish was hard. Very few people actually knew me personally and had based their judgements on what they had seen online, hence why I kept my head down and was quite shy as I really didn't want any attention on top of what i'd already got. 

I remember these girls made a piss take video of me which they had filmed at school and put it on facebook as a laugh. You know what, I know what I do isn't the norm but I am quite capable of taking the mick out of what I do (it is funny sometimes, I know) I really don't take life too seriously, but you know, that video was a tad immature and slightly hurt me. But hey, you know what? If any of you are going through/went though a similar situation, it gets better... trust me :)

You know what probably made me laugh the most, a girl who was involved in making the video actually came up to me at prom and apologised/complimented me. WTF? It seems to be that when people actually figure out that you're getting someone they realise what they've done. silly right? 

I'm not a shy person at all, haha, in fact the quite the opposite and I think some people mistook my confidence as arrogance. So yeah... it was it wasn't the best time for me, but I did meet some amazing people who i'm genuinely gonna miss so much in my life.

It was horrible not knowing what to do and if you know me well enough you'll know that i'm literally the most indecisive person ever. But, eventually I did it, I applied for music business/management courses, combing my passion with my studies, the perfect combo.

I discovered a place called 'The Academy of Contemporary Music' a year back, and when I went to one of the open days I fell in love with the place. A place dedicated to music and people like me, perfecto

A year later, 
i'm soooo happy :) 

If you guys got results, I hope you did really well and got into the uni that you wanted! 

Becca xo.

p.s. look what my boyfriend got me for our year anniversary, so cute!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A Year On

Rebecca & Callum
A Year On

So today is a special day, a day to reminisce and reflect on all of the memories i've shared with my boyfriend for the past year. Yes, I know what you're thinking, a year, crazy right? Well you're very right, crazy but unchangeable.

Once upon a time (a year ago),  I met this guy called Callum through some of my mutual friends. Summer last year was a time where the majority of us had passed our driving tests and therefore the freedom could begin. We all used to drive up to this place with a pretty view looking over london and literally sit/listen to music/talk/laugh and this is sort of where it all began. (I feel slightly cringey going into detail, but seen as this is my first blog post, I really wanna involve you guys in my life as much as possible, and my boyfriend is a big part of my life so yeahp, I guess i'll continue, haha) 

I remember the first conversation we had was about Vans, and how Callum needed to go shopping to get some new ones, so me being me, (the shopaholic) suggested we should go shopping and as Callum's car was broken and I was excited to drive anywhere, I offered to take us. I guess you'd call that our first date, one of the best first dates for sure, shopping, hell yes!

From then on, we spent most of our time together. We'd go on late night drives, watch the stars and talk about literally EVERYTHING! I don't think I've ever trusted someone so much so soon (apart from kayleigh) which was a really good feeling. Anyways, things progressed and one night, Callum drove back home from Reading as he was on a BMW training course (he's an apprentice btw) bearing in mind this journey would be a 3 hour round trip, that was pretty dedicated! On that night a year ago today, we got together.

"Can we make it official?'
"Becca Official"
haha (can't believe I said that)

We've done so much over the past year it would be hard to write about it all, but all I can say is that I'm one lucky girlie and i'm happy.

I honestly cannot believe i'm putting this on the internet, i'm one crazy girl.


p.s. i'll be posting on a variety of things, such as general life and beauty/fashion.
I hope you guys enjoy my posts, tomorrow is results day. eeek. good luck xx
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